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My Story

I fell in the anxiety cycle in December 2021, initially starting experiencing panic attacks which were so intense that even when i slept, i would be woken up by them. I thought it was food poisoning at first ( i didn’t think at the time it was a panic attack) as i was experiencing nausea and diarrhoea too which unbeknown to me were one of the physical symptoms of anxiety.


I became self obsessed, determined to find a diagnosis of my symptoms; overthinking constantly as to why i was feeling this way. Furthermore i started to convince myself i was losing all my ''feel good' serotonin chemicals through my gut. Then came the intense anxious feelings and constant panic attacks which gave me the strangest emotions, intrusive thoughts and feelings.


I tried nearly everything to cure myself and the discomfort i was feeling. Supplements, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, self help books, juice cleanse, gluten-free diet, blood tests by doctor specialists and much more but nothing worked and i was becoming worse.


I was in complete denial that it was anxiety; how could something like anxiety take over my whole body and mind; i was wrong. Thankfully and i will forever be grateful as i got my life back, i came across Shaan Kassam's mentorship program called 'Bye Bye Panic' and i learnt the steps to recovery. 


When i was going through such gut wrenching turmoil, praying to get better; I decided then that once i get through this and get myself back to living a happy life again, i will help those who are going through the same distress as i did. So here i am, happy and ready to help you. 

As a former sufferer now recovered, I can help you heal


Do you experience any of the below symptoms? Contact me via the form below and I will educate you on your sensitised nervous system, the power of your mind and how to get it back to baseline once and for all:


Physical Symptoms:

Vertigo / Dizziness / Off Balance

Blurred vision

Distorted / Sensitive hearing

Extreme fatigue / weakness

Leg tingles / cold chills in legs

Muscle weakness and pain

Strong pumping heartbeat all over

Constant adrenaline rushes to my brain and body


Head pressure

Numb brain

Brain Fog

Body tremors

Buzzing / vibrations


Emotional / Mental Symptoms:

Feelings of unreality (DP/DR)

Intense uneasiness and heaviness over chest (more of an energy, than a physical feeling)

Intense nervous uneasiness in pit of stomach

Intense panic / fear

Intense sadness

Intense morning anxiety / panic

Impending doom

Sinking feelings

Paranoia (especially looking at nature)

Feeling off

Not myself

Feeling detached / like in a dream

Emotional numbness

Impatience / Irritable


Feeling flat


Thanks for submitting!

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